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May 18, 2018

The Scouting Season Begins...

With the Utah bucks and bulls results coming out over the last week or so my fall schedule is beginning to take shape. In my application I applied for my usual general muzzleloader deer tag and purchased bonus points for limited entry elk and once-in-a-lifetime bison. So last week I found that I was successful on all fronts... I would have a general muzzleloader deer tag and I was awarded the two bonus points that I had paid for in February. This was the first time that my email didn't have at least one "UNSUCCESSFUL" on it!!!

I was waiting to hear from my friend Cody, now a Utah non-resident, who had taken a flier on his application and at my urging had applied for the late limited entry muzzleloader deer hunt on the same unit we had hunted for many years on the regular general muzzleloader hunt. A day after receiving my own results, he sent me a text letting me know that he wouldn't make it for the usual September hunt... but he would be ready to hunt in November.

Cody's muzzleloader deer hunt dates will coincide with the general any bull muzzleloader hunt that I've done each the last several years. Each of those years on the elk hunt I have seen at least one very nice buck. So we're excited for the opportunity to hunt deer this close to the rut.

Cody and I are working up a scouting plan, most of it will rely on me because of his non-resident status, and I will be logging my scouting exploits here... hopefully you find following along enjoyable.