Aug 16, 2018

First Trail Camera Check of 2018...

After about a month I made it back out to check my trail cameras. The hike went easy enough, again the climb up from the ATV parking area to the first camera was taxing enough to make me question my motivations but I was able to quickly locate the camera. I quickly unlocked it and pulled the memory card. I transferred the contents of the memory card over to my laptop and replaced the card. Here are a couple of the better pics from that first camera.

A short hike up the ridge and I was soon face to face with my second camera. This one didn't pick up any images except for me walking away from the camera back in July and then me fiddling with it to unlock it. Kind of a bummer, it's on a really good trail at the edge of a clearing, I can't image that in a whole month nothing walked past that spot. I replaced the card and I'll give that camera a second chance and if it still doesn't show me anything after the archery hunt concludes I'll try it in a different spot.

Across the open face of the draw I hiked to get to my third camera. I pulled the memory card and transferred the files. I really liked what I saw from this camera... lots of deer (mostly smaller bucks), lots of elk, and a moose or two. I thought that this would be a great spot to sit and watch while on my hunt in September.

I had an extra camera left over from last time and I took the opportunity to set it up as I made the trek from the third to the fourth camera. I found a well worn trail and secured the camera to a tree alongside. I'll be interested to see what this camera takes pictures of in a couple weeks.

The fourth camera is down in the bottom of a steep bowl right at the base of the hill as the north facing slope climbs into some thick pines. There are trails all throughout the area. I pulled the card and transferred the files quickly. Most of the action on this camera came from a cow and bull moose that bedded right in front of the camera and stayed there until the infrared flash bothered them enough to make them get up and leave.

The fifth camera is what I call "The Bedroom Cam"... I climbed the aforementioned steep pine covered slope and located my camera that was strategically placed in a cleared out area that is transected by game trails with several cleared bedding areas in view. I was impressed with many of these pics and caught one of the best bucks I've ever seen on camera here.

Just down below the pines and slightly to the east is the location of the last camera. This camera overlooks a well used corridor that feeds directly to a spring fed pond that holds good water year round. I'm extremely happy with this camera, I was able to get images of several more very nice bucks including a beast 6x4 buck with a neat inline 5th and kicker on his left side... far and away the biggest buck I've gotten on camera.

And walking into the bowl I think I spotted the 6x4 buck and got a good look at him on the hoof through my spotting scope. The pictures leave a bit to be desired, I'll be looking to get me a PhoneSkope or something similar soon.

I've shared just a few of the trail cam pics but you can see all of them on the Trail Cam Pics page. Don't forget to subscribe and follow along with our hunting adventures this fall... it's going to be a fun and exciting fall, I can feel it!

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